Product Catagory
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·High Density Precision Moulded Foam Provides Support Directly To Local Body Regions Aiding Aches,Pains And Stiffness.

Introduce Details

   Leda-Support Cushion Range.High density precision moulded foam provides support directly to the lumbar region aiding aches,pains and stiffness from improper posture.

Leda-Support Cushion Range delivers instant relief from back pain by guiding the spine into a comfortable,yet suitable postition emancipating joints and muscles from unwelcome excess pressure.

Leda-Support Cushion Range brings perfect posture to any chair while providing aid and comfort to the lower back.Utilization of peripheral side support wings ensures a resounding level of anti stress by maintaining proper alignment to the lower spinal region.

ncorporating a flexible shape Leda-Support Cushion Range  is convenient and renowned in it's ability to mould to the contours of the body.This feature provides maximunm comfort in any surrounding.