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·It Is New Improved Quick Action Pump

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The Hera Cervical Support Pump.A medically air-pressurized neck-traction product that's s suitably enabled to ease suffering when faced with tension,ache and discomfort through subtle release of traction pressure.

Using lightweight clinically enhanced rubber supplemented by deluxe velour comfort panels the Hera Cervical Support Pump utilizes a unique seven built-in air chamber system producing a powerful yet gentle gradual traction that is evenly distributed enhancing normal curvature of the cervical spine into a harmnious of ultimate comfort.

The Hera Cervical Support Pump is responsive to tightened muscle tension,neck pain,osteoarthritis,pinched nerves,headaches,swollen discs,cervical alignment .

The Cervical Neck Support Pump self inflates to the required profile of the indicidual user creating a level of necessary support further relieving fatigue,discmfort caused by disease of vertebra and Hernia.