Product Catagory
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·Release Pressure  From Lumbar Discs To Alleviate Back Pain.
·Comfortable,Ultra Thin Low Profile Fit.

Introduce Details

Hercules Slot & Loc.Prvides constant and substantial spinal/abdominal/abdominal support and protection to the lower spine/abdomen.Rigid anterior(front)and posterior(back) panels stabilize the spine and restrict range of motion as the hydrostatic lift reduces the load on the lumbar discs and provides instant pain relief aiding realignment of spinal discs into correct posture.

The Slot & Loc Spinal Lightweight fabric an srtucture allows it to be worn with ultimate  comfort for constant all round body assistance.Male and female models are shaped  give the most comfortable fit to each individual.

The ambulatory traction and hydrostatic lift procided by the Support Shield's helps alleviate pain and increases rehabilitation by providing effective stabilization and release of pressure from the spine which greatly  reduces discomfort.

·Released pressure from lumbar discs to alleviate lower back pain,Providing relief during activity and swiftly aiding rehabilitation procedure.
·Rigid anterior and posterior panels stabilize the lumbar and sacral spine.
·V-Shaped anterior panel compresses lower abdominal muscles to provide hydrostatic lift.Optional soft corset anterior can be worn as reduced pain allows increased patient mobility.
·Indented Posterior Panel and elastic Insets conform to contours of the hips.
·Ultra-Thin Low Profile for comfortable,inconspicuous wear.
·Available in Male and Female Models for a better fit.
·Fully Adjustable Closure System.