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·The Hector Spinal/Abdominal Shield Encourages A Reduction In Lordosis Through Abdominal Compression While Providing AP& Ml Stability During The Process Of Rehabilitation.

Introduce Details

The Hector Spinal-Abdominal Shield adds strength,support and resurgence to spinal discomfort and strain resulting from excessive demands on the body during strenuous activity.

Pain is experienced when pressure is applied to the nerve root in the spine,as with a herniated disc, osteoarthritism,spinal stenosis and compression fractures.

The Hector Spinal /Abdominal Shield Constructively aids the spine and abdomen on the road to recovery using a uniquely created supreme-lightweight frame with 3/8"pile-covered polymer dense cellular engineered foam liner.

The Hector Spinal/Abdominal Shield encourages a reduction in lordosis through abdominal compression while providing AP & ML stability during the process of rehabilitation.