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·Eradicates Body Pain.
·E.M.S Used For Drug Industry And Aid Muscle’s Rehabilitation.


Introduce Details

Ariston EMS Massager.Eradicates body pain,stimulates muscle regeneration-growth whilst offering the body a course of relaxation therapy in assistance to a normal physical workout regime.

E.M.S provides a revolutionary muscle treatment for use in the comfor of your own home.A is a portable,light-weight electronic unit that has been scientifically designed and proven t exercise muscles rapidly,efficiently and effectively through a series of simulated contraction & relaxation phases.

E.M.S units are used in the medical profession to aid the rehabilitation of muscle following injury and to ease patient chronic muscle spasms and pain successfully.

E.M.S prvides"passive"exercise by sending electrical impulses or signals to the selected muscle or muscle groups to contract and relax them.

Ariston E.M.S massager.Can relax a tense,tight or spasmodic muscle,increase motion,range and response of muscles restricted from disuse or from atrophy from another cause.

It is helpful following physical activity restrictions,such as after surgery or cast protection.Aiding the increase of local blood circulation throughout the body.