Product Catagory
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·For Treatment Of Minor Backaches And Pain Resulting From Strains.
·Convenient-Can Be Used Over And Over.

Introduce Details

Reusable Hot-Cold Pack.Soft gel keeps cold in freezer or refrigerator. Economcal can be used over and over.Microwavable(When submerged in  water) for  heat   therapy.    

Reusable Hot-Cold Pack for treatment of minor back aches and pains resulting from sprains,muscle soreness and strains,cramping,or contusion(bruising).Stabilizes and supports the lumbar sacral region t help provide relief from lower back pain and discomfort. Can be used during activity or when sitting-standing for prolonged periods.Hot-Cold Pack size 9"X6".

Therapist Size Reusable Hot / Cold Pack.Oversized pack is ideal for treating large area body surfaces such as shoulders,hips,back,thighs,ets.Convenient-can be used over and over.